Most certainly! But they don’t have to begin on January 1st, and they need to be broken down to actionable steps and done consistently.

The idea of wanting to start doing something to better yourself should be commended! And while time to plan is necessary to ensure success, you don’t have to wait until the New Year.

You can start taking action now. Actions that take only five minutes can begin your path towards reaching your goals.

For instance, take five minutes to check your calendar to see what opportunities are there to fit in physical activity or arrange a workout with a friend. Small actions done consistently are the building blocks of success and are vitally more critical that massive changes performed inconsistently.

Rather than making big sweeping changes, what about something small like increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables at every meal by one serving. This will help get real food regularly into your diet and reduce the amount of highly processed foods. That’s a win! And it’s something you can build on every day.

By taking action now, right now, you can set yourself up for positive results.

If you would like help setting up small incremental changes, that are sustainable and will help build over time, contact me, I have several programs and services that can help.


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