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Navigating a path to health and fitness can be tough, let me show you the way. I can help guide and support your health, fitness, and sober lifestyle through evidence based practices in exercise prescription, nutrition and a growth mindset.

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 Working together means you have someone keeping you on track and on pace to reach your goals


Options for in-person and online means we can adjust when needed.


Working predominately online means I can keep my rates lower and work with anyone who has access to the internet.

What is a health coach?

As a Health Coach, I can help you create lasting behavior changes that will positively impact your health, fitness and sober lifestyle. Working together, we create a unique action plan that fits your goals, time, abilities, and values. Each step of the processes is strategic, segmental, sequential, supported and simple.

My story

My Story

For close to twenty years, I have helped clients like yourself reach their health and fitness goals. I tailor the strategies I provide based on your specific values, goals, and lifestyle. I see myself as the Navigator, and you as the Captain. I believe my role as your Health Coach is to help you understand your current state of health, provide some inspiration for what is possible, and then help guide you towards the goals you establish.

Along the way, I use a positive accountability model that enables you to mitigate things that can detour you, focuses on sustainable behaviors you can easily employ in almost any situation, and builds on your successes positively.

In short, I want to Navigate Your Health & Fitness Plan.

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